After the increased use of Ad-blockers, the revenue of many sites has fallen significantly. The Google also noticed the drop in income due to the Ad-blocker extensions and announced that they would let Adsense Publishers display the “Anti Ad-Blocker” notification on their blogs and websites. Now, the publishers can restrict people using the Ad-blocker while visiting their website and may charge to show content on the site without ads. Also, the publishers can ask the visitors to disable ad-blocker plugin to surf the site freely or charge the appropriate amount.

This decision is named as the “Funding Choices,” which will be rolled out for the publishers in the North America, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. The Google is working on their Ad-blocker, that’ll come free with the Google Chrome Browser. The Google is focusing on blocking only those ads, which does not meet with Google’s Quality Guidelines. Means, users will not see any pop-up ads, Annoying ads and overlay ads, that are not at all pleasant. The users will only see the ads that follow the Google’s Quality Guidelines if they decide to use the Google’s upcoming Ad-Blocker service.

The Google is the part of Coalition for Better Ads, which focuses on the user experience improvement while showing the ads. The Unilever, Facebook, News Corp and other companies are the part of this coalition. The changes by the Google will allow the content creators and publishers to earn the sustainable amount of money by asking users to either close the ad-blocker or to pay money to visit the website.

Currently, there are more than 100 million people who are using the Ad-blocking service. The Bloggers and webmasters are losing more than 100 million advertisements impressions on their sites due to this service, resulting in the massive drop in the ad revenues.