The Apple smartphones need some extra care while repairing them. That’s why the Apple has created the unique repair tool, that can open the iPhones and other iOS based devices like iPad and Apple Watch quickly. As the Special toolkit was available only at the Apple stores to use, it was pretty dangerous to hand over your iPhone to a third-party mobile repair center. But now, reports say that the Apple has shared their Mobile Repair kit with the third-party mobile repair centers. The kit is nothing but the entire Apple Device repair kit containing the Calibration tool, 3D Touch, and Multi-Touch standards compliance tool.

The Apple has shared their tool with the three third-party smartphone repairing companies, like the Computer Care. There is no additional information about the Apple’s plans to share the tool with other third-party mobile repair businesses in future. We are not sure that if the third-party companies who have access to Apple’s Special Repair kit had any agreements with Apple or not. With this move, it’d be easier for iOS device users to take their smartphones to third-party mobile repair centers to get proper rehabilitation treatment to their smartphone.

Also, we are pretty sure that with this move of Apple to share their special repair kit with others is the indication of better after-sales service to the users. As there will be more repair centers to get your smartphone repaired than the official Apple Store, it is quite easy to visit any nearest repair center to get the repair or any other work done under official warranty. The smartphones repaired from the third-party repair centers who have the repair kit will be covered under official warranty and will receive proper repair instead of temporary fix.