After receiving hundreds of bug reports from the Google Pixel smartphone users, the company has issued their monthly security updates, which fixes the annoying bug. From last few months, the Google Pixel smartphone users were facing annoying bug, that was the culprit behind the sudden freeze of the smartphone. The Pixel Smartphone would automatically freeze anytime due to the bug in their software. Many people using the smartphone were facing the same problem, and the people reported the bug on Google Products Forum and official Bug Reporting interface.

Now, the Google has issued the Security update to fix the reported bug. The Google has released the Over-the-Air update, which will be sent automatically to all the Google Pixel smartphone users worldwide. If you are ab n Google Pixel user and haven’t received yet, then you can check the Updates manually or wait for few days to automatically get the updates. According to the Google, the Freezing issues and the performance problems with the Pixel smartphones will vanish after installing the latest security update.

Many people faced the same problem. The bug was not active on most of the Pixel smartphone, but many people reported the sudden freezing of the phone for two to three times a day. According to the Christ Welch of The Verge, the smartphone has to turn off using the Power Keys to come out of the freeze mode. The hard restart was required to get out of the freeze mode. It was a wonderful gesture by Google to fix the reported issue within months. The Google has said that the people should immediately report any bug or performance issue to them so that they can release a proper update to fix the issue.