The Microsoft is facing the Lawsuit, which is filed by the Russian Anti-virus creator Kaspersky. The Kaspersky has filed the lawsuit on Microsoft in European Commission and German Federal Cartel Office for Antitrust. The Kaspersky said in the lawsuit that the Microsoft is breaking the laws of trust by providing “Windows Defender” antivirus solutions inbuilt to the Windows 8 and ten users and encouraging them not to choose other antivirus software.

Currently, the Microsoft dominates the Computer Operating System market with more than 80% share in the market. The Microsoft has been abusing their dominance by providing the inbuilt antivirus solutions software, which is of low quality and not protecting the users at all. This abuse of dominance by Microsoft is making millions of people vulnerable to attacks due to poor security of the Windows Defender, said Kaspersky. According to Kaspersky, the provided Windows Defender is just an OKAY kind of software, which is not competitive with their services at all.

The Microsoft and Kaspersky had the out-of-court settlement talks few times, but after failure to negotiate properly, the Kaspersky has filed the Lawsuit. The Kaspersky has released their official statement and in it, then said “a lower level of protection for users, a limitation on their right to choose and financial losses both for users and security solutions manufacturers.”

On the other hand, the Microsoft had refused the claims made by Kaspersky. The company said that they’ve done the necessary changes as suggested by the Kaspersky and not infringing or forcing anyone not to choose another anti-virus. The Microsoft has also stated that they are not infringing any fair-competition laws and doing their business properly, by giving their users the proper freedom to choose any anti-virus software program.

Both companies are in the tussle on this issue from the November 2016. But, failed to resolve it with mutual concern.