The Pandora, which is a popular music streaming service added a new feature to their arsenal. The new feature is the auto-play feature, which lets you play the music without interruption. The company has shared this feature with only with customers who have premium subscriptions. With this Autoplay feature, you can listen to the songs without facing interruptions. The Auto-Play feature automatically creates the temporary radio with the songs you just heard and keep adding additional songs related to your favorite genre in the list.

The Autoplay feature was announced in the March, along with the premium plans of Pandora. But, the company released the feature today, because they were fine tuning it for better user experience. The Autoplay feature is available to the Android and iOS app users. The Autoplay is the original function, that will create a radio station based on your interests and recent songs history to help you listen to the songs without interruption. When any specific album or your playlist completes playing, the Autoplay feature will add the related songs according to your interests and will not let the songs stop. The feature will come with the latest app update for Android and iOS apps.

The Autoplay feature was planned to launch in March, but they started it very late. But, the Premium plans are working for the company. According to the Pandora, the company is seeing the average 30 percent increase in the listening times by the users who are trying the premium plans. The Premium plans support the unlimited songs, so the premium users are enjoying the songs. Now the Autoplay feature is supposed to help the company by engaging the premium customers for more time.

As the company is getting pretty good user engagement with their premium plans, they are advising the trial plan customers to buy the premium plan.