The Smartphone giant Apple is getting ready to launch their first Apple Store in Taiwan. The Taiwan will be getting their first Apple store after relying on the iPhone resellers to buy the iPhones. The first Taiwanese Apple Store is located in the Taipei 101 tower, which is the famous skyscraper in Taiwan. The Apple Store is decorated with a beautiful papercut for the grand launch in Taipei. Till the launch of the Apple Store, the Taiwanese people relied on the official retailers of the iPhones in Taiwan. The famous iPhone retailers in Taiwan are Youth, iStore, and Studio A, who are the official retailers appointed by the Apple.

The Apple manufactures their smartphones in China with the help of Foxconn. But, the strained relationships between China and Taiwan will play the crucial role in the success of Apple Stores in Taiwan, as the smartphones are made in China. So, the Import of the iPhones and other Apple Hardware in Taiwan for the official Apple Store is going to be the challenge for the company. The Apple is pretty late to set up their official store in Taiwan. The Apple is far behind schedule to set up their Apple stores in many countries where there is good chance to get business. The company just launched their first store in Singapore and South Korea after so many years.

The reason behind the delay in setting up the Apple Store in Taiwan was the plenty of Retailers available in the market. The Apple has licensed many retailers to sell their iPhones and other hardware in the Taiwanese market, which fetched decent revenues. But, an increase in the demand forced Apple to launch the Apple Store in Taiwan. According to the Taiwanese Newspaper, the Apple Store is going to launch at the end of this month or in the first week of next month.