The Microsoft has recently launched the Xbox Game Pass, which is priced at $9.99 per month. With the Xbox Game Pass subscription, users will get access to almost 100’s of games from the Xbox library. The Microsoft will unlock the 100 games to Xbox users who have bought the Game Pass. Also, the Microsoft will keep updating their library by adding new games each month and removing the old games. On this occasion, the Seagate has announced their Xbox Game Drives with Xbox Pass Edition. These are the 2TB and 4TB Xbox game drives for the gaming enthusiasts.

As the Microsoft will unlock more than 100 games to the Xbox Game Pass subscribers, they’ll need the huge amount of additional storage to store their games and play. So, the Seagate has launched these Game drives. Xbox Subscribers can use these Plug-and-Play game drives to play on their Xbox console or even on their friends console without any issues. The Seagate Game Drives are exclusive to work with Xbox consoles only. The 2TB model of the Seagate Xbox Game drive is $89.99/-, and the 4TB variant comes with a price tag of $129.99/-. With both of the game drives, customers can get one month Xbox Game pass for free.

Unlike any other external hard drive, the Seagate Game drives works only with the Xbox consoles and are easy to use. The small game drives need no extra cable except the USB cable. There is no need for an additional power input for this game drive. Customers can just plug this drive in the USB port of the Xbox console to play the stored games or download and save the games. The Xbox console will automatically detect these drives once connected and sync all the game data to play without any issues.