The Telecom regulator in Canada has advised all Telecom companies to unlock their smartphones by the end of November. According to the CRTC, the Telecom Regulator of Canada, the companies should not sell their smartphone with the lock. They should only sell the unlocked smartphones. Also, the regulator has ordered that the companies should immediately unlock the currently locked devices without taking any money from the customers. From the December 1st, the companies cannot sell the carrier locked smartphones in the country. This decision will help the ordinary cellphone users to move away to another carrier pretty quickly if they think the service is not okay. Currently, the telecom companies lock their smartphones and sell them with the contract, which binds their customers to stay with the carrier for given period.

According to the Canadian news house CBC, the telecom companies usually charge $50 CD for their customers to unlock their smartphones. Also, the CBC claimed that the Telecom companies had made nearly $37.3 million Canadian dollars by unlocking the smartphones of their clients, which roughly converts to the $28.5 Million US dollars. The companies are not happy with the decision of the regulators. But, they have to follow it anyhow to stay in the Canadian market.

The Canadian telecom carriers are in a fight with the CRTC on the free cell phone unlocks. According to the telecom companies, the cost of unlocking the smartphones should be paid by the user and not by the enterprise. Fortunately, the Canadian telecom regulator has decided, and the users can now unlock their smartphones for free from the authorised stores of the telecom companies.