The Intel recently announced their Core i9 family processors, that are more powerful and developed to compete with the AMD’s Ryzen series processors. The Intel has now announced the ship dates of their i9 series processors. The release dates of these processors were not declared during the official announcements, but the release date was not announced during the official announcements.

The Intel announced the launch dates for their 4-core, 8-core, 10-core, 12-core and massive 18-core processors at an E3 event. The company said that the 4-core, 8-core, and 10-core processors from Intel i9 series would be available in the market from the next week. The 12-core Intel processors will ship from the month of August, and the massive 18-core processors will be available in the market from the month of October. The Intel i9 7980XE Xtreme Edition, which is the 18-core CPU is the main attraction, and the computer enthusiasts are waiting for the most. Along with the 18-core processors, Intel will start the shipping the high-end 14- core i9 7940XE processors, and 16-core i9 7960XE processors. All of these high-end processors are meant for the high end computing. The primary target of the Intel for these chips is the companies who are maintaining the enterprise level computers for their day-to-day work. Mostly the Technological giants, Hosting companies, Data processing businesses and much more who need powerful computing power.

The low-end processors ideal for the home and office computing are going to come in a market from the start of next week. But, the main attraction is 18-core Intel i9 79080XE, which is going to give tough competition to AMD’s Ryzen Thread ripper CPU. As the Intel has decided the release date of i9 Xtreme Edition CPU in October, there is high chance that the AMD’s Ryzen Thread Ripper will get a good start as there is no competitor for them until October.