The LG has recently announced that they are extending the warranty of the new smartphones LG G6 to Two full years. The LG has launched the new scheme named “LG G6 Second Year Promise”, which will provide the full warranty for the 24 months straight. This plan is available for all of the LG G6 customers, current, and future for free of cost. If you are an LG G6 user then congrats! LG has increased the Warranty of your G6 Smartphone.

In the interview with popular Tech blog The Verge, Mr.Chang Ma, President of LG MobileComm USA said that this offer is not the Insurance policy for the LG G6 smartphone users. The company is not providing warranty cover on the accidental damages like Cracked screen due to fall. The LG is going to cover only the manufacturing defects under this offer for 24 months from the date of purchase. According to Mr. Chang Ma, the smartphone users tend to upgrade their smartphone after 24 months for more. Most of the companies provide Warranty cover for only 12 months, which means the customer has to bear the risk of Smartphone damage for nearly 1 or more year before he gets the new smartphone. So, the LG has extended the Warranty period for the LG G6, which will allow customers to use their smartphone under warranty terms safely.

The LG G6 users don’t have to pay anything for availing this offer. The future customers will get the extended warranty with their smartphone purchase. But, the existing LG G6 users will have to register their smartphone on LG’s website to claim the additional warranty within the 90 days. For the first 12 months, the cell phone carrier will bear the warranty, and from 13 to 24 months, the LG will carry the warranty of the device.