One of the best and most appreciated features in the Apple’s 2016 and 2017 Macbook Pro is the TouchID. The Fingerprint sensor in the MacBook automatically unlocks your device with your fingerprint. Now, the Microsoft has also added the similar feature to their standalone Keyboard, which is priced at the $129/-. The Microsoft’s new keyboard is out for the Windows 10 computers who want to unlock their computer with fingerprints.

The Microsoft introduced the Windows Hello, which recognizes your face and facial expressions to open the laptop or tablet. As most of the laptops come with the inbuilt webcam, it is beneficial for them to use the Windows Hello. Now, many people use the Desktops and don’t have the webcams. To help those people, the Microsoft unveiled this Fingerprint ID enabled new keyboard. With this keyboard, people can use their Fingerprints to unlock their computers.

As for typing password, each time is very irritating for someone who has a long and secure password. So, these Fingerprint ID in the Microsoft’s new keyboard will help them to use their fingertip to unlock the computer in seconds, without typing their password. The Microsoft’s new keyboard is sleek and looks beautiful with the white color. This keyboard looks classy and sexy with the drumroll feet, which elevates the keyboard for comfortable typing. The Drum rolls, which raises the keyboard is nothing but the place to insert the batteries so that you can use this wireless keyboard with your computer or laptop quickly.

The Fingerprint ID and Windows Hello cuts the user of typing password to unlock your computer. The Fingerprint sensor to use the Fingerprint ID is located on the right side of the right “Alt” key. The fingerprint sensor is very responsive and catches the fingerprints very quickly.