The pioneer of console gaming, Atari is making a new gaming console, which is confirmed by their CEO. The chief executive officer of Atari, Fred Chesnais said that they are working on a new gaming console at E3 2017. The CEO was giving the interview to the online gaming news publications GamesBeat. The Fred Chesnais didn’t share many details about the console, but he said that they are back into the hardware business, which is their Console making business.

The company posted a video on June 8, which teases a device named as AtariBox. The device is the gaming console, developed by the Atari. The video was posted on YouTube on the official channel of Atari, with a title “A New Product from Atari.” By connecting the dots from the video to the CEO Fred Chesnais statement, we can conclude that this is going to be the brand new gaming console from the company. The company has announced that the interested people can sign up in advance on the Atari Box website to buy this product when it launches. The CEO gave up details like the hint of their entry into the hardware business and making a device that is based on PC technology. We have the appropriate information like the company is doing the Atari Box gaming console based on the PC Technology to power it.

Atari launched their first gaming console named Jaguar in 1992. The same console discontinued from service in 1996. This is going to be the 20-year gap from the first Atari console and the latest Atari console to come in market. With the launch of Xbox One X gaming console, it is going to be fun to watch how Atari specs their gaming console to compete with the market leaders like Playstation and Microsoft.