The fifth-largest state of Asia ‘Saudi Arabia’ granted citizenship to a humanoid robot called ‘Sophia’. It is the first time in the history when a robot has given citizenship by any country. But the dessert country recorded itself as the first nation to address humanoid robot with a status of being named under the law as a legal member of a sovereign state. On Wednesday, Oil rich reserve Saudi Arabia offered citizenship to a robot designed by David Hanson.On being questioned about the offer she received, the robot told the audience that she feels honored and is proud to have this unique distinction. She also appreciated the step saying ‘This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship’ – reports Andrew Ross Sorkin, the journalist.

Though the rights of the citizenship were not discussed so it’s quite unclear if the robot Sophie would have the same rights as human citizens of the country owns. At the end of the interview, Sorkin, the journalist expressed his experience of interviewing a robot and said he was ‘overwhelmed’ by his conversation with humanoid robot Sophia.

The Hong Kong-based Company known as ‘Hanson Robotics’ is associated with the development of a robot called Sophia. It is popularized because of human appearance and behavior in comparison with other robotic variants. The robot contains artificial intelligence which is a part of a new trend and a popular term gaining more attention and research. Sophia is expert in imitating human gestures with facial expressions that make her more favorable and familiar to humans. Sophia was granted the citizenship on October 25, 2017.