A 36-year-old man named Ramis Jonuzi was renting a $30-a-night room in Brighton East, Melbourne, Australia, house through an online marketplace and hospitality service ‘Airbnb’. The man was allegedly raped by one of the hosts with an object – The Guardian reported.

He was supposed to leave the property just after a week on Wednesday, October 25, before he could leave, he was allegedly attacked and later died in the hospital. All the three-man who attacked the 36-year man were charged with murder and one of them (Colton) also has been accused of rape.

These men were charged with murder – Craig Levy, 36, Jason Colton, 41, Ryan Smart, 37. Interestingly, all the accused people didn’t apply for bail when appeared at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court. Jonuzi was a bricklayer by profession; he told his friend that he is planning to move out as he didn’t like the energy in the accommodation. Jonuzi allegedly argued with his three housemates over money so he decided to leave early.

The spokesman showed his full support and sympathy with 36-year-old man’s family and friends. According to the spokesman, they have erased this listing from their platform and will utterly co-operate with law enforcement on their investigation.
San Francisco-based Airbnb released a statement condemning the tragedy saying that there is no place on their platform for such an abhorrent act that violates everything their global community stands for.