Only few bikes can be seen that carry more belongings than the Honda Gold Wing, and that’s no thanks giving to the cavernous top trunk and expansive saddle of the latest model. Since it was unfolded in the mid of 70’s, it swiftly twirled away from the template of big sport-bike into the truly big mould. Since its panniers and fairing also swelled, the reputation it earned as a bike for Boomers also undergone the same- a divan of wheels.

The Gold Wing Honda of 2018 is trying to make an attempt of shaking off all those pre-conceptions, in creating a bike that might just attract a young group of people, those doesn’t just seek comfort, but also involvement. No, surely not the Honda isn’t trying to grab millennial with this new GL, but the company can temper the interest of those on the marching edge of Gen X, it will be an accomplishment of a mission. For this accomplishment to be real, the Gold Wing should be lighter, more efficient, and sharper in a way, and much more progressive. And thankfully, that’s what it is exactly.

This bike is also the first ever bike having Apple Car-Play. There are loads of toss around of this Gold Wing Honda 2018, but most significantly is the weight. The new is an average of 90 pounds lighter than the old one. The bike this time is not only lighter, but also much narrower near the hips, leaner, and truly speaking has quite striking look. The new motor comes with a 42.2 mpg that’s up from 35.

Though there’s much ahead, but this Gold Wing 2018 is just the start on the path of the augmentations that are tech-focused. Passive keyless entry and central locking are still a rare case on motorcycles, even with those starting from $23,500, and that’s a good thing here.

The all new Gold Wing has a “dual-clutch” transmission and is truly awesome. It has a seven speed unit that can shift by itself means automatic but it happy about the fact of overridden by pair of toggles on the left side of the grip.

It’s a great bike and step up to the manual range of Gold Wings it starts for $26,700.