SHARE has recently earned the license to sell drugs on a wholesale level in as many as 12 states, says a review of public records. While it is still not clear whether the company has the necessary regulatory filings to sell prescription drugs or not, it is clear that the company has received wholesale drug license in a bunch of countries which includes the likes of Nevada, Arizona, North Dakota, Louisiana, Alabama, New Jersey, Michigan, Connecticut, Idaho, New Hampshire, Oregon and Tennessee. This may posse to be a potential threat for many companies which have the license to sell prescription drugs to consumers.

Although the Amazon officials are hushed up on the whole deal, the experts are saying that this wholesale license will not allow the company to ship off the prescription drugs and equipment to the consumers directly for which the company will be needing a pharmacy license. The whole thing has proved that Amazon will be entering the supply chain for whole sale medicine but it is yet to be decided whether the company will start of its whole new division or will be pairing up with a partner to supply medicines to its customers.
The FDA is yet to decide upon whether the company will be permitted to sell only over the counter drugs or legend pharmaceuticals as well which requires prescriptions along with hypodermic equipment. The application for various states shows the permission asked for various kinds of medical products by Amazon which leaves us with little to no idea about the whereabouts of the company regarding this new branch of business that they are attempting to start.

The licenses that are applied for by the company are, in most cases, tied down to three specific hubs of the company which includes three suburbs in the state of Indianapolis and the addresses mentioned in the licenses matches the address of Amazon fulfilment centers in these Indiana based suburbs. But just observing the licenses will only give us a vague idea about the working and not the whole story.