With 7 years behind, Blizzcon has finally decided that StarCraft 2 will be available for free. The Wings of Liberty Terran of the game will not cost a dime any longer for people to play. If someone has already paid for this Terran, the next one, i.e. Zerg Campaign Heart of The Swarm, completely free of cost from the 14th of November 2017.

To come and think about it, this is an extremely strategic move for Blizzcon. StarCraft 2 is an absolutely addictive game and with the terran coming for free now, it is only a matter of time before which the free players will convert into the paying ones. With the slowing of the sales of the game, this move will help in increasing the sales of the game. As this free version will create an insatiable itch to the players, it will be satisfied by more of StarCraft 2 which is available in two more full campaigns. Tis free version will only act to be a demo which will unleash the sales of the other two full versions of maddening fun that is reserved in the game.

With StarCraft 2 being available for free, we can only expect the same from Diablo 3. Although the game has been out for quite some time now, it is not nearly as successful as StarCraft as it is not that neatly proportioned. Diablo 3 is built around unique characters which gives the game a different kind of twist. We were just hoping that one of these characters will come up for free while the others will be available in paid versions and frankly, we are quite surprised that it hasn’t been thought up at Blizzard yet. Diablo 3 can be easily transitioned into a game which offers one character as a free demo and then the whole fun can be unleashed by purchasing the other characters as each of them are available for a certain cost.

This move isn’t necessary for the future games, yet would produce a whole new market hype.