Although in most cases Amazon is stated to be the king of retail in most cases, its most worthy opponent, i.e. Walmart has some of the best available deals for Black Friday 2017, which struts around some of the biggest tech companies out there.

Recently the Black Friday ad of Walmart was released and we are quite satisfied with what it has to say. Here are some of the best deals that have been stated out there.

  1. The Samsung Class Curved LED available for a discount of $402 for just $497.99 and is one of the best in the class which makes it a really good deal to grab.
  2. The Microsoft Xbox console of 1 TB is available currently at Walmart for $499. Although it is not really a deal, the availability of the product is a huge thing in itself given to the fact that the holiday seasons are just round the corners.
  3. Acer A315-51-380T laptop (15.6 inches) which is available for a discount of $100.
  4. Sharp Class 4 K Smart LED TV which is available for just $499, although this is not the cheapest deal in terms of 55 inches TV, it does come from one of the leading brands.
  5. iPhone 6 available at a discount of $70 and iPad available at a discount of $80.
  6. Samsung 65 inches curved LED available at a discount of $300.

Walmart is likely provide people with a map for all their stores on the 14th of November and you need to keep an eye out for them. Walmart will start with its sale on the thanksgiving night and continue till Black Friday and hence if you are looking for some of the best deals on the tech goodies, it is best that you line up in front of the store even before it opens up to cater the customers.

If you’re aiming at the online store of Walmart, bookmark the page so that you can easily access it for the best deals.