Samsung and Apple always have shared a bitter sweet relationship where Samsung seems to have a knack of attacking iPhone users and fans. While the Galaxy has not mocked Apple for quite sometimes, we were beginning to worry that the company has stopped its long stint of attacking iPhones and Samsung came up with a commercial which has bashed the iPhone fans who are now lining up for iPhone X.

The new commercial shows the war between Apple and Samsung over the years and shows how the latter has constantly been winning over the years. It starts off with a person buying iPhone and shows how it always falls short on memory, thanks to the constant 16 GB storage space of the device. Next comes the big screened Samsung phone of 2013 while Apple still continues to produce the 4 inches version of their phone. Fast forward to 2016 and it compares the waterproof quality of Samsung while iPhone is seen sitting in a bowl of rice after it is recovered from water. 2017 shows the wireless fast charging Galaxy phones while Apple phones are shown with the weird iPhone dongle which can be used to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time.

The commercially shows how an avid iPhone user, switches to Samsung Galaxy 8 while others are waiting in queue for the new iPhone X with a haircut similar to that of the glass screen of the phone and is dubbed as “Growing up”. The general theme of the advertisement is how Samsung has always been way ahead of Apple iPhones in all context, be it hardware or picture quality. This difference has been further pointed out by the Android fans in the ads comments section along with technical details and photographic proofs.

The long stint between Samsung and Apple has been so intense that even Microsoft took a dig at it in one of the Windows phone ad. But just make sure that the whole commercial of Samsung fits on your iPhone X screen.