It’s during the Game Awards 2017, a huge announcement was made by the Bandai Namco, when the producer of Namco Katsuhiro Harada, walked on stage and co-announced about the arrival of SoulCalibur 6 to PS4, PC, and also Xbox One at some point in 2018. The announcement was followed by a brand trailer as well.

The trailer begins by giving the gamer a tour of a popular location that’s set among the pristine but had left ruins of an ancient Greek Summit. After a mini fly-fast of the stage, users’ were then introduced to a quite younger looking Mitsurugi, who only holds a scrappy prickles of a goatee and no nearby as many as gamers may have recalled from SoulCalibur V.

Then the gamers get to see Mitsurugi and long-time shield and sword-bearer, Sophitia on the platform fighting it out. The Samurai exchange and demi-Goddess blows in some of the fast scenes before audience get to witness a solid grasp on the fighting and animation systems been played on the Unreal Engine 4 of the Epic game.

Thus, like the Tekken 7 of Bandai Namco, SoulCalibur 6 will be running on the Unreal Engine 4, and Motohiro Okubo, the producer will as well be serving as the producer on the game.

The latest arrival in the mainline series, SoulCalibur 5 was launched for PlayStation 3 and for Xbox 360, back in 2012. It was placed 17 years after the earlier entry ad had focused on the children of some of the best known fighters of the Franchise. Since, SoulCalibur 5, Bandai Namco had made a re-release of the SoulCalibur 2’s HD version, and launched the SoulCalibur: Lost Swords, which is a free to play version of the game that’s established on the soulCalibur 5.

This new SoulCalibur 6 is unfolding 2018 and is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, just exactly in time of the 20th anniversary of the series. The first SoulCalibur arrived in Arcades in 1998 with the beloved Dreamcast port of it appearing the following year. The game was introduced by Soul Edge that fostered the Franchise in 1995.