On Tuesday, CEO of Harley Davidson the renowned motorcycle company told that an electric motorcycle will show up soon in the year of 2019. Back in 2014 the Harley Davidson biking company got the biking world much exciting when it turned out the new concept of LiveWire electric. But the concept remained that it was, but over the years the company threw some hints that it may possibly, and might, or may be take the pitch.

As per the CEO of the company, Mathew Levatich, the electric hog will be targeting the streets in approx 18 months.
On a conference call with the analyst, he told that EV market is in its stage of infancy right now and they believe that this will be intriguing an excitement in both the non-traditional and traditional spaces, after the fourth-quarter report of Harley, besides the full year earnings of 2017.

Further he added that people have heard them talk about the Project LiveWire. LiveWire is no excuse, an invigorating, electric Harley-Davidson. More than 12,000 riders said to them via the demo rides they provided across the world and it’s a dynamic project, which they are bringing within the span of two years.

In the coming years the overall market of motorcycle is encountering some headwinds. In the US the sales have recovered due to the financial crisis. But, the sales of them were less than what the peak bikes hit back in the year 2016, with a sold out over 1.6 million two-wheelers. The organization is thriving to attract new bike riders, despite having a storm of smaller, less-hassling machines from the Honda, Ducati, and also Harley, which has ruled the roads in biking for over decades with its massive cruisers.