On Tuesday Amazon stated that it has purchased Ring, which is the manufacturer of internet-linked cameras, and doorbells, thriving more deeply into the security of homes.

The worth of the deal is around $1.1 billion, as per the individual who has briefed on the agreement would only speak anonymously as the terms were private regarding it.

Ring is well known for its doorbell with the security camera equipped inside it. The device enables the homeowners for monitoring the visitors at their entrance or front door via an app on their Smartphone, even if they are away from home. Amazon has put a major attention to the home automation after its success of the family products of Echo that allow users in controlling surveillance cameras, thermostats, and various other connected devices with the help of voice commands.

Echo Spot device of Amazon already toils with the Ring doorbells, enabling people to view at the footage from the cameras on the screen of the Echo Spot. Amazon had ventured an unrevealed amount in Ring via its Fund of Alexa that finances start-ups, which add their products with the Alexa, an intelligent assistant product of Alexa that powers other devices and Echoes. Although, owning Ring also suggests that Amazon has higher ambitious plans for the product and that may be achievable through a partnership.

Chief executive Luke Schoenfelder, of Latch; a start-up that assembles a family of smart-locks, told that he believed that Amazon would be making a further serious effort in making an entry to the home security market and would compete against the companies like;, Comcast, and ADT. Mr. Schoenfelder made speculations that Amazon might seek home security a part of its Prime Membership service. This today includes fast and free delivery services of orders and also video streaming. He even stated that one might imagine a kind of bundled offering with capabilities of Ring.

Statement from Ring states that they would be benefiting and achieve more by partnering with an innovative, customer-centric organization like; Amazon. They look ahead in being a part of the team of Amazon as they work toward their vision for sheltered neighbourhoods.