Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL smartphones have become troublesome for a number of users. Both the devices were announced in October last year. Just four months went off and users starting facing the issues of deprived battery life and overheating hitches, the recent report claims.

Google’s security patch team is being cross-questioned on the same. The company hasn’t revealed about the glitches yet but Pixel 2 and Pixel XL users are posting their detestation about the devices on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Google’s product forum site.

Team Google says, “Low battery backup and overheating problems might not be linked with software as a whole. It can be a part of a hardware defect.” Google’s specialty community wrote on the forum support form that, “As it might be a hardware problem, users can directly place a call to Pixel support and sort the glitch operating with them.”

Some users have experienced overheating issue while using their devices for a prolonged time period to text a message or sent an email while others just by keeping their phone in standby mode. Users have reported that “Pixel 2XL smartphone gives a battery warning of 30 percent by early evening now that previously had 50 percent battery saving at the same time of the day.”

Pixel 2 users, on the other hand, noticed the same issue while running their phones in a safe mode. If you think clearing the data from the phone or dissipating the temporary cache data is the solution to this problem, then you are absolutely wrong. This won’t have any positive effect on the battery life of both the smartphones. We need to think of an alternate option to get rid of this problem. Google will most probably roll out an update soon to address all the issues pertaining to the battery such as poor backup and overheating delinquent.