The global market for clinical trial is primarily driven by the momentous growth of the pharmaceutical industry. The research, development, and testing of medical operations or doses in order to ascertain a line of treatment comes under clinical trial. After a drug is found to be an effective antidote or treatment mechanism for a disease, the medicine processed from that drug is packaged for final usage. Chronic diseases have become the central concern of the medical circles, and researchers are investing in clinical trials to devise effective treatment mechanisms. Furthermore, the medical and healthcare industries have attracted funds from several sources, and this has strengthened the prospects of clinical research and testing. It is anticipated that the market for clinical trial packaging would trace a positive growth path over the coming years, thus, offering growth spaces to market players. Clinical trial is a perquisite for any treatment mechanism to be approved and authenticated by medical researchers and practitioners. Hence, the market has tremendous scope for growth and development in the years to come. A report by Market Research Reports (MRR) coherently presents key facts and figures pertaining to the global market for clinical trial packaging. The report can act as a yardstick for market players to gauge the lucrativeness of the market over the coming times. In order to get a wholesome purview of the market, the report encapsulates drivers, restraints, and opportunities that lie within the market. The report titled ‘Clinical Trial Packaging Market– Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2017-2025’ has synced the historic and cotemporary trends of the market to foretell a trajectory of growth for the future.

The pharmaceutical companies have directed their investments towards research and development of new drugs. The rising instance of chronic diseases has played an instrumental role in accentuating research and development initiatives. This has propelled demand within the global market and has spread awareness about clinical trials across the globe. Continual experiments inside laboratories and research centres have led to the discovery of new drugs. Amongst these drugs, the ones that prove to be effective antidotes are manufactured in abundance, which calls for packaging of these drugs. This is currently playing a prominent role in enhancing the stakes of the market and is expected to continue grossing positive results for market growth. The replacement of glass products by plastic-made products has also given an impetus to the market by generating commendable demand. The report elaborates on each of the aforementioned factors to comprehensively elucidate the market drivers.

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Despite the affluence of the market, the lack of centralised regulations for the execution of clinical trials is expected to hamper growth. The heterogeneity of laws and regulations pertaining to clinical trials can make the entire process cumbersome and wayward. Moreover, the use of non-biodegradable plastic products within laboratories is also posing a threat to market growth. Nevertheless, companies can reduce their operational costs by collaborating with local packaging units.

The market for clinical trial packaging can be segmented into: North America, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. The expansive pharmaceutical industry in conjunction with a better regulatory framework across North America has strengthened the regional market.

Some of the key market players include Bilcare Limited, Fisher Clinical Services, Westrock Company,  Sharp Clinical Services, Inc, Almac Group Limited, The Coghlan Group, and PAREXEL International Corporation.

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