Indian doctors question new ways of controlling diabetes and living healthier lives. The medical community is arguing about the new global guidelines that suggest ways to manage diabetes. The community is eagerly waiting to bust the common myths on the disease.


In India, around 97,000 children are estimated to suffer from Type 1 Diabetes. Besides about 32 per lakh children affected in Delhi.

According to a new study, an artificial pancreas are safe for young children. During the research, children aged between 7 to 13 years with type 1 diabetes used an artificial pancreas system. After 3 months, the researchers found that the HbA1c was dropped and glucose levels were improved without any episodes of severe hypoglycemia or diabetic ketoacidosis among children.

But at another side, Medical professionals in India claim that these new guidelines of relaxing blood sugar targets will create major complications in diabetics and make confusion in the treatment system. So they are suggesting discontinuing these for Indians.

In 2017, International Diabetes Federation reported that they found over 72 million cases of diabetes in India. so Indian doctors question new ways of controlling diabetes.

“Parents should avoid adopting a high demand approach of going overboard with strict management, which has a negative impact on the children. They should lead by example and have healthy eating habits and regular exercise,” said Dr. IPS Kochar Senior Consultant, Apollo & Fortis Hospital, Noida.

Kochar suggest that parents should encourage diabetes children to live a normal life without needless restrictions. Regular blood glucose monitoring is necessary and parents should know about hypoglycemia management.