Novel stem cell therapy may help cure blindness by repairing the most common cause of the disease. The new treatment sheds new light on the development in the blindness therapy within upcoming five years, which has already given positive results in the cases of two patients losing their eye sights forever.

The new blindness treatment has been discovered during the international research, which the researchers reported to be capable of improving the symptoms of blindness and preventing the disease. The treatment also helps wipe out the immune system of the patient with the help of cancer drugs and then resets it with the stem cell transplant, according to the researchers from the Foundation Fighting Blindness.


Findings of the new research have been disclosed in the academic journal Nature, this week. The study says that the two patients including a man a woman have got their eye sight improved impressively, who were suffering through an advanced stage of age-related macular degeneration (or AMD).

Pete Coffey, one of the leading researchers from the University College London said in a statement that, “The first patient has got six lines improvement, which is astounding, and the second has five lines and he seems to be getting better as the months go by. They are both really reading. At best [the woman] could read about one word a minute with magnification. She is now reading 80 words a minute and [the man] is reading 50.”

“The data is stunningly in favor of transplant against the best available drugs – the neurological community has been skeptical about this treatment, but these results will change that”, said leading investigator, Prof Richard Burt from the Northwestern University Chicago.