Waymo technology avoids disaster, that could have avoided deadly Uber accident also,Waymo CEO Krafcik said. This is the comment on the Uber autonomous car accident last week that killed an Arizona woman.


“I want to be really respectful of the woman who lost her life, “ Krafcik said at a National Automobile Dealers Association meeting in Las Vegas Saturday. “However we have confidence that our technology would be able to handle such situations.

Some self-driving car experts have suggested that the sensors on the Uber car in particular radar and a laser-radar system failed. Radar and LiDAR are designed to identify objects and people at a great distance. According to that slow or stop the car if a collision is about to happen.

Waymo said that its long-range LiDAR allows its self-driving cars to identify objects up more than 300 yards away in all directions.

“The detail we capture with our custom LiDAR is so high that not only can we detect pedestrians all around us, but we can tell which direction they’re facing,” Waymo said. The Uber incident was a destructive moment, as this represents failure of technology.

People remain unsure of the safety of autonomous tech. Krafcik said that “We’ve put together this amazing testing program that really ensure our technology strong and capable and of course very, very safe.”