New privacy tool to accelerate internet as in these times one wishes that he or she could possess a flipping switch to protect the data.  The mishandling of Facebook user data by Cambridge Analytica is the most recent consumer privacy flutter to generate agitation. This reminds of Equifax hack where in it influenced more than 230 million people. And in 2017, US lawmakers back pedaled Obama-era regulations that prohibited the ISP from generating revenue from the web browsing history.

Abruptly internet users are perceiving that there ISPs have been accumulating enormous collection of data available on all the websites they visit. People are not very pleased about that and it appears that nothing much can be done about it.

Therefore a magic switch could do. And this is precisely what website performance and security giant Cloudflare embarked upon, a new tool It points to acceleration of the internet connection and make it intractable for your ISP to garner your browsing history. This is certainly extensive news at a time when consumers are asking for more sway on their data.

Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, said that if one switches to, then that record where one is progressing online is not being maintained by the ISP.  With, internet users can make Cloudflare acquire the procedure of rectifying appeal to the Domain Name System, also known as DNS. That’s the vital procedure of pairing up a URL — like –with a website’s real location on the internet called an IP address.