GM ceases reporting US sales monthly, transitions to quarterly release so to obtain a more accurate and comprehensive view of its business operations. GM is the premiere auto maker to alter how it announces monthly light-vehicle U.S. sales results since the industry stumbled 10-day reports in the early 1990s. It is definitely a step considered by the other automakers.

Kurt McNeil, U.S. vice president of sales operations, said in a statement those thirty days was not a sufficient time to segregate real sales tendency from short-term changes in a very dynamic, highly merciless market. Describing sales quarterly to affiliate with our business and the standard of information will render it easy to keep a watch on how the business is performing.

GM mentioned monthly sales were a target for many issues that make them more strained than quarterly sales involving product launch activity, weather, other seasonal factors, the amount of selling days and inducement activity.

The alteration that does not have any effect on dealers reporting monthly sales to the automaker, was announced ahead of GM rescuing US light-duty vehicle sales for March and its concluding monthly report.

It succeeds by five years a resolution to halt reporting Fiat Chrysler has followed suit on that front. GM since emanating from its 2009 bankruptcy has been trying to woo Wall Street financier by developing its operations as a service-based supplier rather than a customary auto manufacturer that wholly depends on sales of new cars and trucks to navigate its business.