New Jersey students will face graduation test, hence the state Department of Education has started a process to “transition away” from the PARCC testing system. It has helped students and delivered more credible results. The process has taken under the direction of Gov. Phil Murphy.


An advisory group will study ideas for another testing system. The department will make a tour of every county to listen to teachers and students.

Last year during the campaign, Murphy promised a teachers conference that he would not only free teachers from having PARCC results count as a small part of their evaluations, he would eliminate passage as a graduation requirement and scrap the test entirely.

He couldn’t deliver on his promise to do so on “day one” because federal and state law requires standardized assessments of student progress and the effectiveness of schools.

We hope for the sake of New Jersey students that Murphy’s effort to please his teachers union supporters doesn’t undo the significant progress made by the PARCC program.

Student scores on the test have been rising annually, colleges have welcomed it as providing better information about student preparing. The state Board of Education says it’s superior to the prior NJASK standardized test.

A decade-long focus on boosting U.S. high school graduation rates has succeeded in reducing dropouts. Easy path to graduation is reducing the requirements for the diploma they got. Most of countries give national exams to graduate.

The biggest advantage of PARCC is every year it gives details of student’s strengths and weaknesses in math and language arts. Hence parents and teachers can guide students precisely.

New Jersey students it ensure their education is thorough and their degree is recognized throughout competitive America as proof of proficiency.