Abandon Home Pod teeny hearsay, some time back in the winters Home Pod was the most desirable object. Propelled by a thrust of outdated Apple hype, the Home Pod was about to strike the retail channel succeeding six months it’s initially being declared initially at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June. But now a days especially two months succeeding its February debut, the commodity Apple considered as a contemporary sound of home is sinking to depths.

A recent study conducted portrays that the Home Pod sales have gone down since its launching. Since the first ten weeks of the sales Home Pod made a mark for itself 10 percent of the smart speaker market. Amazon’s Echo gadgets were at 73 percent and Google Home products made up 14 percent during that time span.

Three weeks succeeding its take off Home Pod’s market share plummeted to about 4 percent on average with Amazon’s Echo gadget presently fetching about 68 percent of smart speaker revenue. Slice intelligence a market research firm has appraised Home Pod (and other) sales by observing e commerce receipts of up to 5 million consumers, according to its website.

However, in March there were rumors that Home Pod sales had hit the bottom rock as per Barclay’s analyst who had finished spending a week in Asia gathering with companies within Apple’s supply chain. Also the noteworthy analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is expressing that Home Pod sales would exhaust at 2 to 2.5 million units and half of those were already been sold out in the first month since its launching, which matches up with the slice data.