Intel is closing down its New Devices Group, according to a report by The Information. Intel confirmed that it plans to give up on NDG’s development on the last Vaunt smart glasses project.


Intel revealed the proposal earlier this year with the thought of recruiting some 200 workers, according to the report Wednesday by The Information. The closure will result in the relocation of current employees to other Intel divisions or “some layoffs.”

Formed in 2013 under the guidance of former Apple and Palm executive Mike Bell, the division was working on the Vaunt smart glasses which used advanced optical technology to beam simple images directly onto a user’s retina. The glasses were said to include combine a very low-power red laser and a holographic reflector.

The smartwatches were one of the major areas of business for NDG. 9in 2014, Intel acquired smartwatch maker Basis, makers of the Basis Health Tracker Watch for a reported $100 million to $150 million in an attempt to create its health-related product lines.

“Intel is continuously working on new technologies and experiences. Not all of these develop into a product we choose to take to market,” Intel said in a statement. “We are going to take a disciplined approach as we keep inventing and exploring new technologies, which will sometimes require tough choices when market dynamics don’t support further investment.”

Intel also aimed to build burgeoning wearable technology marketed by major consumer giants including New Balance, Oakley, and TAG Heuer. Notably, it winded up in the Oakley Radar Pace smart eyewear and the TAG Heuer Connected watch.