Google’s self driving tests involved accident in Arizona Friday. The car crash happened when a car was being driven by a human. The van’s driver suffered minor injuries.


Waymo confessed that van was being driven on manual, not autonomous mode. It posted a video on YouTube from the van’s cameras showing the Honda deviated across lanes into the van’s path. The accident happened in Chandler, Arizona. Chandler police said Friday the van was in self driving mode.

Both police and Waymo agreed that the Honda was driving towards the east when it changed direction abruptly to avoid striking a vehicle that was driving northbound. As the sedan diverged, it hit the Waymo van. Though it was traveling at low speeds, Detective Seth Tyler of the Chandler police said.

There was a driver in the driver’s seat of the Waymo vehicle who suffered minor injuries, Tyler said. Both the Waymo vehicle and Honda sedan were damaged and had to be pulled. The Waymo van was covered with a silver tarp as it was taken away.

Accidents involving self driving cars in Arizona have raised questions about whether the tech is ready for testing with the public. There have been at least three accidents involving Waymo autonomous vehicles in Chandler in the past two years. All involved human drivers who ran into Waymo cars.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey ordered testing of Uber cars be suspended soon after the accident. However remaining self driving operations were not stopped.