Americans’ national anxiety score rising at excessive level, according to a new survey from the American Psychiatric Association released Monday. A result of an annual poll of 1,004 adults concluded that people in America are worried due to the financial anxiety.


The survey has reported this year’s national anxiety score as 51 which a five-point jump since 2017. Around 39% of Americans are feeling more anxious now than they were a year ago. 35% and 32% of survey respondents respectively said they were extremely or somewhat anxious about paying bills and other expenses. Last year the score of financial worries was 56%.

According to the poll, women are more anxious than men this year compared to last year. 57% of women aged 18 to 49 years reported being more anxious this year, compared to 38% of men of the same age group. Just 19% of people said they were less anxious than they were a year ago, while 39% were more worried.

A range of factors including anxiety is contributing to Americans’ financial stress. Even, high housing costs are reported to be a growing problem for many households. Numerous respondents believe these factors could affect people’s physical health untreated mental illness has a significant effect on the economy of America, according to three-quarters of respondents.

“That increased stress and anxiety can significantly impact many aspects of people’s lives, including their mental health, and it can affect families,” APA president Anita Everett said in the report. She suggests regular exercise, relaxation, healthy eating and time with friends and family can help reduce stress.