Tobacco flavored product banned in San Francisco. The time has come for San Francisco residents to vote on a propounded ban that will prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco.


Parents are trying to fight what they are calling an outbreak of teens smoking e-cigarettes. On June 5th residents will get the chance to vote on Proposition E. The board voted unanimously to reaffirm its support for the ban after a tobacco industry funded group submitted enough signatures

The legal age is 21 to purchase electronic cigarettes. Lolis Ramirez believes the flavors are targeted towards minors. “Flavors like creme brulee, like jolly rancher, like sour patch kids, like fruit loops,” she said.

Doctor Pamela Ling, a professor of medicine at UCSF, says flavored tobacco products have taken over the market. “We are really facing a public health epidemic with tremendously high rates of electronic cigarette use among youth,” she said.

Miriam Zouzounis thinks Proposition E is redundant given California’s age restriction on buying tobacco products.  “There are already laws in the books,” she said. That state 21 and up.  Zouzounis is a member of San Francisco’s Arab American Grocers Association campaign against Proposition E.

Tobacco related cancers are the leading cause of cancer deaths in San Francisco for both men and women. According to Prop E, tobacco retailers would be prohibited from selling any flavor tobacco products including menthol cigarettes. Prop E would end small businesses like Ted’s Market.