Erie county prison inmates are exploring telepsychiatry, an option that could ease their lives and reduce stress. It is a service that would utilize video conferencing to link inmates with a psychiatrist working at a faraway location.

A practiced forensic psychiatrist, Keelin Garvey M.D., would interact with the inmates of Erie County Prison with the assistance of onsite staff to offer mental health care from the Rhode Island where she is based. It would also offer ample admittance to an authority that requires prison inmates especially at a time when psychiatrists who work in this field are limited.

Telepsychiatry would permit the prison to enlarge its horizons of mental health services it is hitherto offering, Deputy Warden Ron Bryant said. He also said that it would certainly not substitute prevailing mental health services.

Bryant said that it’s just to extend the services that we possess and try to benefit from the new technologies and new occasions that are obtainable. We have got psychiatry firmly in place, it’s just another thoroughfare that we can delve into to enlarge the quantity of services that we may be able to offer.

Garvey, 39 encountered with prison administrators a week prior to assimilate about prison functioning and to debate how the telepsychiatry agenda might work at the prison. This is the first time telepsychiatry has been introduced at the prison. However, the logistics of the program are still being enhanced, Garvey could convene with inmates through a mobile computer screen that would be escorted to inmates in their cell block also known as a pod or within a delegated location within the prison.